The Students' Union Government (SUG), Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka has announced the introduction of some measures to solve the problem of high costs of transportation and prices of commodities sold within the campus.

The union had also signed an agreement with the Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC) Awka district to bring to an end all problems of electricity tariffs and power problems experienced by students leaving at Ifite and Temp Site (Unizik junction and Okpuno).

The SUG President Comrade Ibe Cico Michael disclosed these during an exclusive chat with the UNIZIK Students' Facebook Page Editor Hon. Chukwuemerie Uduchukwu this evening. According to the union president, these transportation intervention is meant to stabilize the transport sector in view to reduce the transportation fares within the university's main campus Awka to a stable amount of N20 for any destination or drop within the campus and to gradually replace old or rickety automobiles as well as check the inadequacy of the available means of transportation.

The president further disclosed that the special intervention program also promises to intervene in other sectors such as the high cost of commodities within the campus in due time in order to restore order to the system
and by this, the SUG officially unveils the new prototype of Keke each of which is seven sitter capable.

President Cico also said that the SUG preferred to use this dimension because it may cause chaos if the union try to mandate already existing operators to reduce price and according to him, we don't want our students to be stranded afterwards as the drivers had threatened to go on strike if any new rate is imposed on them.

On the power problems faced by students leaving both at Ifite and Temp site, the union president said that the SUG met with the officials of EEDC Awka after which the following resolutions were reached:

1. All tariff codes of EEDC to hostels in Ifite and Temp Site (Okpuno and Unizik Junction) now stepped down to R2T from whatever tariff code it used to be.

2. Fixed charges to be brought down from N24,424 to N650

3. All transformers in Ifite having problems will now be adequately maintained and that no student should for any reason give money to any EEDC staff for transformer repairs or maintenance. All faulty transformers should be reported to EEDC Awka district office.

4. That all charges on the old bill of hostels without EEDC metres and those whose bills are on high side will be reviewed.

5. In relation to payment of metre issues, it is said that prepaid metres (PPM) are presently not available nationwide. Also EEDC no longer collect money for that pending their availability and that those that earlier paid will get theirs first as soon as they are available.

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