Wow!! Mother's Day Celebration In Unizik, Awka

As Mothers are being celebrated all  over the world today, St. Joseph the worker catholic chaplaincy Unizik, was not left out of the celebration; As fathers, students and children came out in mass, to celebrate with our mothers, as they  were all dazzled in their beautiful attire.

After the 9.30 mass in the chaplaincy premises, mothers gathered the clergy , fathers, students and all children in and around the chaplaincy, and entertained them with delicacies of all kind, as its has always being a normal trend in the chaplaincy.

Due to the critical situation in town, as there is massive hunger in and around Unizik @ this point in time, students turned out more than expected to come have a bit of the chaplaincy's cake, by turning in with friends and colleagues, to come eat and take away..

If you missed out, you are on a long thing!!!
Brought to you by UNIZIKMATA...

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