A Ph.D student of Plant Molecular Biology at the University of Lagos, Aramide Dolapo Oshingboye, along with 14 others from different countries has received the 2014 UNESCO-L’Oreal International Fellowship.
Fifteen 2014 UNESCO-L’Oreal International Fellowships were granted to young women whose promising research projects have a potential impact on human well-being and the environment. The recipients of Fellowship in 2014 carry out their research in various fields within the life sciences, such as neurobiology, genetics, ecology and biotechnology. These passionate young scientists are often motivated by matters touching on local public health or biodiversity protection.
Mrs. Aramide Oshingboye who is currently doing her doctoral degree at the Molecular Systematics Laboratory in the Department of Botany of the University of Lagos, would soon depart to the Centre for Plant Diversity and Systematics, University of Reading, United Kingdom.
She is focusing her Ph.D research project on a particular plant family, the Fabaceae family, whose biodiversity-the existence of a healthy array of species and subspecies with a large and varied gene pool- is vital to the ecosystem of the arid zones of northern Nigeria which is a fragile paradise. The young scientist has discovered that the ability of these leguminous plants to fix nitrogen in the soil helps maintain its fertility and prevent erosion while, as well, cultivated varieties such as chickpeas, soyabeans and lentils are essential to food supplies. The combined threat of global warming and unsustainable farming practices are however, threatening the genetic diversity of the Fabaceae family.
Much of Aramide Oshingboye’s research will involve the use of new DNA barcoding technique for identifying plants in order to create a genetic map of the relationships between the different species. In contributing to a  greater understanding of the biodiversity of Fabaceae family and of the region itself, her work will enable more effective conservation efforts in the face of global climate change and eco-friendly farming methods both in her home country and throughout the world.
The Vice-Chhancellor, Professor Rahamon A. Bello, FAEng, on behalf of the Governing Council, Senate, Staff and Student, congratulates Aramide Dolapo Oshingboye for this award.

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