(Clears throat)
Thank you so very much for stopping by to receive my insults for the day. It's for each and every one of us and I hope you will enjoy yours.
(Bangs on the desk)
Why are we so gullible and fake? Wait,just wait right there and don't even think of removing your eyes. What's our problem in this country? We easily believe what anybody tells us even if we're sure that his points or facts is wrong. We pretend to know everything while we die
in silence and ignorance. I'm talking to you and don't even give me that look.
(Stands up)
A politician came out of jail and it was clear to the whole world that he was a criminal;convicted and jailed. Yet, people clapped hands and hailed him as a visionary leader when he came out. Some others are celebrating the birthday of a renowned government thief who is chilling out in a foreign prison. What the heck is wrong with us?
(Mean face)
Is it poverty? Is it ignorance? Or stupidity? Or a stupid friendship that is non-existent? What the heck is our problem in this country? And talking about being fake,why would you present yourself as an angel to the people when you're a devil. If you have any intention,why not make it known and clear. This fake life and pretence has eaten deep into our roots. If you know Jibril Malem, Tunde Tones and Pete Okee,go and warn them...their heads may roll soon. Let them continue to deceive people that they're the saviours sent to rescue this nation from the grip of our bad leaders. Bad leaders kwa? We're all involved. 2015 is coming for them and us as well,who won't carry his own bag of rice? Who won't wear the party or the individual's uniform? And I heard,the uniform is now the rave of the moment.
Nzuzu n'enu kasi enu(stupidity at its zenith)
And talking about the youths, can't they,in this country,ever be hopeful of a better nation that will value their efforts? And talking about young people,the fools are not interested in whatever that will make them succeed. Fruits of their fathers,mothers,relatives and communities...and I'm among. And we are all in this mess together. Both the old and young,moving without direction to our end...and nobody cares. Everybody is busy with nothing,doing what they derive no joy in just to succeed...and we continue to die.
 Millions went for NIS examination with an employment opportunity of just 2,000 spaces or so. For hell's sake,why not sell online forms that will conform with the number needed. If you needed 2,000,why not sell 5,000 forms? Is it not a better bargain. And they all filled the coffers of some "service" with billions of naira.
(Charged eyes)
Why would a human being who has breath in him,a human being who has kids, steal from young,jobless and hopeless Nigerians all in the name of job. And I heard,some of them died;a pregnant woman was involved. And we are all smiling and waving our hands. Are we not ashamed of ourselves?
What the heck is wrong with this system? And don't even go out,just sit down right there and listen to me.
Our gullibility and fake attitude has kept us where we are today. I weep for myself and my nation. Having known these facts,I will make sure the maggots who are causing these problems meet their proper reward. But for the meantime,since we have remained resolute in gullibility and stupidity,they(whoever they are) will continue to rubbish us...all thanks to you for messing us up.
(Sits and laughs)
I'm getting a political appointment soon and I heard that's the settlement for anybody who makes much noise. He will be settled with a small office and he grows numb together with his supporters. It is people like us who talk and keep quiet because of a little black favour who make this country harder by the day. Our own punishment will be greater.
(Laughs hard)
But who cares? Nigerians don't give a damn about themselves so why waste your effort on jobless,stupid,fake and gullible fellows who don't know their hand from their leg? And that's what our leaders will say. That's what our NGO's will do when they get a grant from the bloc.
(Ije uwa)(Journey of life)
While I continue to work hard to secure my government appointment as a scribe,I will be waiting for you at the Promised Land in case we all have a rethink and decide to do the right thing,there you will pass me a glass of water and thank God for the gift of grace for the race.

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