Nollywood Actress Reveals: I Can Act Nude (Unizik Theater Art Graduate)

An upcoming Nollywood actress, Sylvia Oluchy has revealed she can do anything on set.
Sylvia Oluchy
In a recent interview, she said she had no boundaries and could go nude for a movie role as her body is her laptop.
''I don’t have any boundaries because my body is my laptop. Others have their laptops and files, what I have is my body and voice. Even the concept of nudity, I don’t have any problems what so ever, but it has to make sense, if it enriches the story and is done tastefully, I mean sometimes you can see nudity been done for a good reason, like in the west, they could take off their clothes to protest. Like I said, I don’t have problem with nudity, I just want it to make sense," Sylvia said.
Sylvia is a graduate of Theatre Arts from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra State.
She has won numerous awards like award for Best Rising Star at the Nollywood Movies Awards, the Best New Actress award at City People Choice Awards and the Most Promising Actress, Best of Nollywood Awards.

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  1. From the pragmatics of the info ibid, she doesn't mean she'll have sex in movies or act porn movies, but that she can go nude rationally when/where she ought to.

    Albeit that sounds immoral, I fathom her insight via the citation she used: in terms of going nude in a movie to portray a protest...

    Dear thespian, never do such as it may daint your psyche to go beyond the normal...

    I remain NDJP.

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