The theatre being staged in our polity is one of a kind. Individuals insist that they know the best
way to address national issues and they end up messing us up. Well,I'm really not interested in
what they believe in or not;my interest is with the people in Nigeria. To me,I think they are more
interested in some other things than just electing their leaders democratically.
After listening to Dambisa Moyo's talk on TED,I was strongly of the opinion that Nigerians are
more inclined to pay attention to survival than democracy. And it makes sense. If a man cannot
feed himself and his family,can he have a voice to decide what suits him democratically? The truth is
that democracy in Nigeria and African is still not ripe. It is not ripe to the level that we will start
expecting so much from it. Individual interests reign supreme and no matter how well an
individual convinces us of being an angel,he goes into office and becomes worst.
So I insist we forget about this democracy talks. Government should be more interested in
providing for her citizens than preaching democracy to them. A hungry man does not
know the definition of freedom. He is chained by poverty in all life's ramifications and he can never
make an informed choice. That is why bags of rice,garri and other edibles decide who leads.
Nigeria is a project in the making and I believe we will get there some day. But instead of killing
ourselves over a national wealth which we have repeatedly refused to grow,let's focus on
developing our individual estates to meet up with International standards. Only then can we be able
to demand for democracy and freedom. Only then can we be happy to elect our leaders and
hold them accountable to us. This is because when a man is hungry,he is more interested in
surviving than electing his leader. And he will readily "sell" his vote to the man who is ready to
put that food on his table...whether he is the right choice or not. Till we get to the Promised Land,I
shall be waiting for when you will pass me a glass of water and thank God for the gift of grace for
the race.

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