Eleguishi Beach to be upgraded for Valentine’s Day

The Managing Director of Eleguishi Beach, Saheed Eleguishi, has said that the beach would the upgraded to international standard for fun seekers during the Valentine’s Day celebrations.
Elegushi said that the management of the beach had a transformation agenda to beautify and upgrade the beach to world class.
“The management is ready to carry out the transformation agenda of the Lagos State Government, part of which is to beautify the beaches.
“Fun seekers should be ready for better moments during valentine and other festive periods,” Eleguishi said.
Elegushi Beach, Lagos.
Eleguishi urged the state government to assist the management of the beach in every way to attain the requisite standard.
“We cannot do it alone; it requires the collective efforts of the management, the state government and other corporate organisations to attain the desired international standard,’’ he said.
Eleguishi said that “though it was a private owned beach, but still required the support of the state government to maintain it to international standard”.
“The management paid tax and other levies to the state government as part of state government revenue.
“Despite the token amount we charge as gate fee, we still need government incentive to meet up to foreign standard.

“The idea is to make Lagos State a tourism destination in Africa and to attract more tourists and visitors into the beach,” he said.
Eleguishi said the beach would continue to be kept clean, adding that security network would always be considered as paramount.
“The security of fun seekers will always be given priority,” he said.

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