We Unizik Student Make our New year Revolution!

1. We will not DIE young again (enough is enough- Engineering)
2. Our Lecturers Shall Live Long ( Mgt. Science)
3. We will study in conduce Environment ( Faculty of Arts)
4. We must Make very good Grade ( social Science)
5. We will start sleeping in our lodges than in classrooms ( environmental Science/ Arch)
6. We will start Having Fine Girls ( Edu)
7. We will stop Snubbing people (Law)
8. We will dress properly to school ( physical Science)
9. We shall pass ( biological science)
10. We shall stop Temping Boys by what we wear along Ifite road ( ifite Babes)
11. we shall make less noise while watching ball ( ifite guys)
12. We shall have mercy on our boy friend money wise ( less spending- Temp Site babes)
13. What Should I write for Temp site Guys now?

14 write yours!
By Ebuka Udekwu

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