Being a Nigerian is already enough to demoralise you if care is not taken and our pastors are not helping matters. My problem with preaching prosperity in Nigeria is that many keep on hoping that one day,just like the Cinderella story, a fairy god mother will make things well for them. They attend all crusades and are superstitious christians,believing that God, without their own efforts will bless them some day. This is the hopeless hope that I'm talking about. When you hope that God will make you pass your examination without studying,I wonder the type of miracle you expect to happen for you.
Hope is positive and good. But I must add that life owes us nothing. God owes us nothing and the entire universe owes us nothing for our existence. If we always have this thought,it will must certainly propel us to work hard and succeed in life. I'm seriously concerned with our modern day brand of Christianity that preaches prosperity without suffering. It is very dangerous for a developing economy like ours and I must add,if we are not careful;we may end up with hopeless individuals on the streets waiting to pick up 2 million naira that I'll drop on the way.(In their wildest dreams).

So the solution? Work hard and as well,hope in God. When your hope is backed up by your hard work;one day,God will smile on your efforts and make you succeed. We can change our mindset today and become better. The future is always ready to help us and be favourable to us when we get our priorities right. Hope is good,but when it becomes hopeless by our action or inaction,then there is serious trouble. I believe we will succeed and work hard unto greatness. Till we get to the Promised Land,I shall be waiting for when you will pass me a glass of water and thank God for the gift of grace for the race.

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