We live in a society where almost everything is on the upside. We grow up knowing fully well that our government has nothing to offer us and if we're not hardworking and diligent enough;we may end up on the side walks. Some realize this fact that life owes them no special laurel hence they start early to fight for their future. For many others who couldn't succeed,they'll pray for better alternatives through their children. Either ways, we want to succeed and be happy in life. But in the pursuit of happiness,our elders make some dastardly mistakes that disturbs our own future.
We grow at our pace. You don't need to force us to get married without being matured for that. You don't send us out to the streets because the son of Mr.A did that and succeeded. What works for me may not work for another person. So I insist and pray us today: allow everyone to grow at his own pace. Destiny is an individual race and nobody will be held accountable for our failures in life. If you are young now,live like a youth. Enjoy the best moments,read the best books,enjoy the best parties,say the best prayers,play the best games(PS4 on point) and make sure you give in your very best now. This is because very soon,you will become an adult. And when you don't do all these investments now;you will be a very bitter adult and trust me,I'll be the last person that needs a man who lives in regret and blames to be close to me.
If people push you too hard,tell them to allow you grow at your own pace. Life is a journey and not a destination. It is a continual journey to self realization and ultimately;death. If we allow people to take decisions for us and push us around,we may end up living their own dreams and dying before our time.
I believe in destiny. I believe in God and nature. I'm running the race of life and growing at my own pace because there is no one to compete with except myself.

Did I just say myself? Yes! Because when people want me to act the way they want,they deny me the opportunity to grow and mature at my own pace. My future and destiny lies in my hands and I'm ready to embrace it with its inherent challenges backed up by God's grace. I know I am unique and I don't share the same life history and story with anybody. So therefore,I won't allow people to instruct me on the best way to live out their own dreams in my life.
We grow at our own pace and that's it. It is the best we can do for ourselves and whether you appreciate it or not,life is an individual journey;you must work out your own destiny. Till we get to the Promised Land,I shall be waiting for when you will pass me a glass of water and thank God for the gift of grace for the race.

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