Yeah! the saying goes ALL WORK AND NO PLAY MAKES JACK A DULL BOY, but we here at Unizik-mata says ALL INFORMATION WITH NO LAUGHTER MAKES UNIZIKMATA A DULL SITE. I hope you agree with me on that? So therefore we want to spice things up for our readers out there..

 Introducing LAFF NA 'D' MATA.

Here we drop funny jokes and writeup ranging from: Akpos jokes, Yo Mama jokes, Pictorial jokes, Funny characters and yes those crazy Naija jokes that will trill you. So stay with us everyday to ease up those stress of the day with some rib cracking jokes.

Yeah you can also be part of this, if you have or you are an aspiring comedian do well to send your jokes to media911mata@gmail.com and be sure to have your jokes published on our site with your named tagged to it. So lets make Unizik-mata a fun place to be... legooo

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