{Joke Corner}: Letter To Harmattan

Bros H, how far na? My country people dey hail u oooo! I know say wherever u dey now belle don dey sweet u because tym to show ur talent don reach, bt bros as i dey write u dis letter i dey on my knees,i take god of ASUU take beg u, let by gone be by gone, abeg i know say we don offend u bt pls
forgive and forget. Last week i see oga rain as im dey pack im load sake of say im wan go on holiday, na im i ask am say how bros H na, d way d guy reply me i know say wahala dey! Our lips are in trouble, na so e go jst dey tear anyhow, if we do mistake baff cold water naso we go dey shake like nokia 3310 on vibration, we no go fit know which 1 be public bus or private car again bcus dust don finish deir body! Girls no nid to use brown powder again na to jst stand for outside make dust cover dem!
No matter d cream we rub even if we rub 6 gallons of palmoil on our skin e go still dry like envelope wey dem take send letter bomb to dele giwa. Bros na beg we dey beg, postpone ur visit till next year!
Bros na we we ooo thanks
Yours faithfully
Victim of harmatatiaisis

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