I am always happy when I see new buildings and infrastructural developments embarked upon by individuals. It gives me joy and hope that inspite of the harsh economic condition in this country,people are progressing and becoming successful everyday. I love progressive people because I know I will get there for sure. What inspires me more is their mindset. They don't see problems rather they see challenges. They see opportunities to improve and become better. They capitalise on what others see as failure to rise above normal human expectations. If you're progressive,I respect you.
We need more people who will give us hope that we can still do the right thing and succeed in this nation. Pessimists are really eating deep into our polity these days and it is not healthy for our younger generation. Why? Because when a child grows up with the notion that things are bad and may never get better,the person does little or nothing to improve his life. That is why you will hear things like,"my father never succeeded doing that,and he warned me not to try it because I will fail". Another will be brainwashed that all rich men soiled their hand and he will end up getting more confused than his problems. What we need are progressive individuals who will always inspire us and inform us on how to turn our problems into opportunities. I have had the luck of meeting several progressive people and I owe a lot of what I have become today to them. I'm grateful.

I love progressive people because you will feel the aura of perseverance,consistency and hardwork when you're with them. When faced with challenges,they never speak ill of their situation. They simply brainstorm and find ways out of the challenge because they understand what it means for a situation not to be permanent. They understand that you have to pray to God and hand over everything into his hands. But they also comprehend the fact that God will not do for us men what he has ordinarily given us power to do for ourselves. That is wisdom and the progressive spirit in action. They may not have enough,but they will always share the little they have and will not fail to motivate you to work hard because a glorious future is ahead. They're already into the Promised Land,and I'm hoping that one day,I will get there and share my glass of water with them as we thank God for the gift of grace for the race.

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