To the government,corporations, private entrepreneurs and individuals who can provide these for Anambra people,I'll be very happy for them from my base in MBN Island. They need a cinema(s). Many of them don't really understand what it means to relax and have a good time with your family and friends. The only relaxation spot in their environment is/are drinking bars,meat and fish joints. I thank some of the hotels who are bringing swimming pools for them and the sports clubs with  lawn tennis courts;those ones help. For the hotels,please monitor some people closely,they take their bath inside there. The cinema will help to increase their social life and they'll interact more with the outside world. They mostly watch all these local "rubbish" with the bad grammar of the actors and actresses;its not helping them to learn at all. They also need mega shopping malls.
You see,many of them will enter any of their major markets(Main market at Onitsha,Relief market,ose and others),they will spray perfume on their body in the name of checking "abi" perceiving the smell of it. They won't pay and will end up abusing the owner of the shop. Many even prepare for an occasion,stop at a shop,test many perfumes and zoom off to their destination. But when these malls are there and many are pushed to buy from there because they want to enjoy Air Condition,those sales ladies will make them behave. You can only perceive it from the bottle,once you spray;you pay for it. It will most certainly reduce the "toutish" behavior of most of them and help them speak "near to correct English".
They also need serious orientation on life. Many of them feel they're condemned business men who have no life outside Anambra State. So what do they do? They make sure nothing gets better because they don't want their ignorance and stupidity to be exposed. Even some of the teachers teach English Language with Igbo....serious? You never see anything according to Idibia 2face. So please,teach them to teach their children that they will still compete with their mates from the other parts of the country. If possible,we shall arrange Sunday classes for them to lecture them on "Basic life principles". I'll volunteer to teach for free...I mean it;for free.
I thank God for Star-times and Go-TV,it will help many of them to watch better channels at a cheaper rate and be more informed of the world around them. Their ABS(Anambra Broadcasting Service) is still in the 19th century...pathetic. Let's hope this their new administration will do something to make them smile because poor mentality,poverty(of the mind),stupidity and gullibility knows many of them by name. I believe they'll get out of this darkness some day,till we get to the Promised Land,I shall be waiting for when you will pass me a glass of water and thank God for the gift of grace for the race.

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