During this year's World Economic Forum,the originator/founder of the summit told the whole world that global acceptance is moving drastically from certificates to talents. And when I was about smiling and thanking God that at least I got some talent to take care of me,another master spoke up. This time,it was John Maxwell reminding me that talent is not enough. And I will dare to add also that even the certificates isn't enough. We need a perfect synergy between talents and certificates. Our present day education system is structured in such a way that we are trained to
believe that only those with certificates get ahead while leaving the real people who can do the job. LIES!!!
When you look at the successes of many inventors,business moguls and their likes who really made a mark,you will quickly conclude that all these degrees/certificates is just a packaging that is required to take you to where you want to go or be in life. Get the certificates;but more to that,develop your talents. Steve Jobs loved computers as a young boy,he went to College(University) to study them but quickly released he was wasting his time...really? No! He didn't just drop out of school like many of us publicize today and you can read up his book. He stayed around school for more six or seven months to garner the "certificate" knowledge he needed before dropping out eventually. His talents made him successful,his passion and love became his profession. And no generation will ever forget the man who gave us all the "i"s.(Especially our Nigerian ladies who use i pads as cameras and DVD players ALONE)

Connections? That's perfectly good. Knowing the right people won't hurt but you need to make yourself relevant to your employer so much so that even when your "oga at the top" has left,you can still maintain your position. Your certificates may try,but when your talents and grace mixes,you already know where you're heading to...'DA' Top.
So today,I invite my fellow youths to take a decision. Will you make your profession your passion and instill your talents into it to blossom? Or would you wait around till the wind blows you to your dream life? I don't know. Till we get to the Promised Land,I will be waiting for when you'll pass me glass of water and thank God for the gift of grace for the race.


  1. On point my broda.

  2. This is a priceless advice: One in a million.


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