[UNIZIK MATA]: Latest From Unizik..Must Need To Know For All Zikites

1. Sale of forms for NAU business school ends on 30th NOVEMBER 2013 

2. Diploma / Pre-science application Forms will continue selling till 
DECEMBER / JANUARY2014, however the earlier thee better. 

3. Admission lists for diploma / Pre-science will be pasted on notice 
boards in Admin block and utility building respectively. 

4. Admission Acceptance/e-clearance application still in progress. 

5. Physical clearance for New students will continue from monday 18th Nov., 2013 

6. Diploma, Regular, CEP lectures and motem test(exam for those that 
didn't complete theirs) will RESUME after the strike. 

7. All academic registrations/receipt collection, banking 
transactions, security complaint/reports and others are in full swing. 

8. Unizik Nur/pry school in session. 

9. Campus Road construction: Perm-site road leading to engineering 
bus-stand almost complete. 

10. Electricity supply in school, maximum 19/24hrs constant; very 
favourable I must testify. 

11. Transportation fare, Normal, no inflation due to scarcity. 

12. Campus hostel allocation complete. 

13. Atmospheric condition: No rains, wild sunshine from 8:00am-4:00pm daily. 

14. Viewing centres for football fans only open for Chelsea fan, lol. 

15. Chill-out: Teazers open from 9:00am - 9:00pm and closed on 
sundays, Fayrous open 9:00am - 10:00pm open on sundays, ete beans 
CLOSED, lol 

16. Expect a very short christmas break if the strike is called-off. 

17. Students union electoral program to be released in weeks. 

Source:  School PRO

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  1. mama's beans stil in section sha... Lol


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