What we usually see in Nollywood movies where a man will be very wealthy and in position of authority but his wife or first son will be battling with a "serious" challenge, is what is playing out in Enugu State. Sad!

Following several reports in the social media that Governor Sullivan Chime of Enugu State was holding Clara, his wife in solitary confinement, we observed that some persons close to the wife contacted Femi Falana, a popular human rights activist, to help rescue the woman.

But in a bid to stop Falana, Governor Chime has opened up on his wife's true condition...
He said it is not his will to subject his wife to such condition and that whatever is been done to her is for her own good and was put in place by professionals to save her from "shame and ridicule".
Speaking to selected journalists on Tuesday night in the presence of some family members and his wife, who is said to be mentally unstable, Governor Chime said Femi Falana should not allow people to push him into taking any action against him as he is only trying to help his wife's situation.

In the words of Governor Chime:

“Well, my wife has some medical challenges, and it would be very unkind for me to talk about her condition on the pages of newspapers. I have done everything to protect her integrity and I’m not now going to expose her to ridicule because some people want to exploit her situation to drag me into a needless war of words.”
We gathered that his wife, Clara, sat calmly throughout the session with the journalists but it was not too difficult to notice some signs in her disposition from time to time.

The wife's psychiatric doctor, Dr. Aham Agumuo, was also present at the session. We pray she gets well!

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