Today being Thursday the 14th of November 2013 is the final day for campaign in the state, and am telling you its not a child's play as its hitting up here in Awka and many other places in the state. As candidates are flying their flag for the very last time before the election on Saturday being the 16th of November.

Presently in the state capital are real noise of Sirens, traffics and may i say jubilation from different parties. An example is what we have here on things that are unfolding in the state now: at about 5:35pm this evening, convoys of cars and motorcycle drove into a prestigious hotel (GEOGOLD HOTEL) in the state, carrying posters of their party barrier, and also dancing to live band, which they came with.

Speaking to one of them we found out who the candidate was, he is no other person than PRINCE LEONARD UCHENDU of NNPP. So you see even those parties which one may feel hasn't campaigned yet, had to do their thing today being the last day of CAMPAIGN... see more pics after cut

Justin Gerard; reporting for UnizikMata..

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