In a recent meeting at Enugu State Nigeria,the World Bank stated that about 100 million Nigerians live in abject poverty;surviving below 1.25 dollars per day. Silence! Nigeria is estimated to have 160 million persons in population and generates an annual GDP of about 262.61 billion dollars(2012 quoted). Now let us revisit the statement by World Bank again and I dare to ask; is there any reason why that alarming number of people should be poor in this country? I don't know. But what I'm very sure of,is that these adults MUST answer to us here on earth;or to the supernatural in the after life.
Does it not bother you? We make so much money and generate wealth in this country,yet the greater percentage of people are suffering in poverty,ignorance and gullibility. Travel to Anambra State and see how politicians are sharing money like crusade flyers. Why d
didn't they bring out these resources before now? I weep for the young people like me who are persecuted everyday and have no one to speak for them. Those we trusted have put our trust to rust and we are just looking and hoping. Is there hope? I don't know.

I blame the adults for our problems,calamities and troubles. They are the gullible fellows who collect bribes and occupy positions. They're the educated illiterates who have sworn in their anger that once they hold power(or a little wealth),the whole nation will serve them. And what is the fate of the common man(whatever that may mean),he is wallowing in poverty. His people will not allow him to succeed because they know once he does,they'll not use him as a pawn in their chess game again. I weep most especially for my fellow youths who are yet to realize that these men are stealing our future. If the economy of Nigeria is buoyant like they said,why should 100 million people are wallowing in poverty? Even if the figures by the World Bank might have been exaggerated,its certainly not far from the truth.
You'll read this and keep quite because none of your own is affected. None of mine is affected as well,but when you witness the cries of the hopeless kids on the streets;you'll realize what great injustice we are doing to ourselves. Mind you,we all die around 70 or 80(for the lucky ones),let's see what happens to the empire you built with the blood of innocent individuals. Till we get to the Promised Land,I'll be waiting for when you will pass me a glass of water and thank God for the gift of grace for the race.


  1. Thank God a youth thinks like this in this nation. I pray and work we get better.

  2. The problem with Nigeria is that Nigeria does not know her problems.


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