If you grew up in Nigeria,there is every tendency that you'll at one point or all times,be a social critic. This was reflected in Achebe's books and I believe the man knew what would befall Nigeria;hence he started shouting since "Things fall apart". All through works,he was constantly pointing to the system of leadership in the contemporary Nigerian society. He pleaded,cried,wrote and encouraged citizens of this nation to change our mindset towards leadership but nobody listened to him. He has died and
left us;who will fill his big shoes? I don't know.
Achebe saw this coming. He saw that a time will come when individuals will betray their own blood and won't blink an eyelid. A time when someone will be stabbing your heart and crying with you at the same time. There is so much strife in this country and nobody cares to wait and think. I imagine the life of businessmen(who later become politicians), the restlessness all year around. I begin to ask myself;what time does these men have to spend with their family and reflect on their own life? It is indeed a rat race that we are running to riches...NO! our graves. And we may never learn our lessons.
Achebe saw this coming. He saw that a time will come when young people will be led astray and encouraged to embrace evil in this nation. That is why a politician,a Nigerian politician will have no other profession or occupation except does he fend for his family? And lest I forget,he'll be the first to buy an honorary doctorate degree...Indeed...Doctor of Nothing. We are paid in this nation to organise protests and riots. Old women who should be looking after their family are given little amount of money to lie down at the express roads and pour aspersions on God knows who. What of the youths? I don't know.
Achebe would have seen this one coming if he was alive. He would've seen that the definition of "opposition" in Nigeria means going against everything that happens in the country;both good and bad. Once the self-proclaimed oppositions are not the ones being favoured,then the thing is illegal and improper. Nobody has the heart to refuse a national honour twice in this country(not with our poverty mentality and empty pockets),but a man did it. His reason? He wanted the best for a people who don't even realise what's good for their present and future.
As we continue to take bribes,kill the future of our youths and update our gullibility,let us not forget that we have 70 or 80 on this pallet...for the strong anyway. Till we get to the Promised Land,I shall be waiting when you'll pass me a glass of water and thank God for the gift of grace for the race.

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