Dear Damsel,
I've been admiring your beautiful skin and body structure,I cannot hold back my adulation so I'm speaking up. You're in your twenties and this is the perfect time to have fun and enjoy. We only live once they say and I must confess you've been making use of your natural body endowments to catch much fun and be happy. From one night club to the other,from one car to another, from one city to another;I cannot but envy your beauty and how easy it is for you to get whatever you want from men...after giving them something...or maybe not. You're enjoying because you're still youn
g and nothing bothers you,not husband,not kids,not mother-in-law(kai those ones ehh)...sure it is a perfect time to jump around and live the twenty something dream.
But wait! Don't you think you'll be thirty some
thing in the nearest future? Don't you think that the men adoring your melons now will have better,prettier and much younger ladies in the nearest future? I know you'll insist and say that's why you're catching fun now;but have you wondered why many ladies fill our prayer grounds? Do you think they go there to watch Davido perform gobe? All those men who call you everyday and make you feel like a big girl(whatever that means), don't you think one day they'll wear out and get tired? And all these while,you thought you were paying attention to what mattered most in your life.

Dear beauty, your twenty something is a perfect time to invest in the lady you want to become in the future. Now is the time to watch the people you get involved with and how you move around town. Exploration is wholly allowed;but make it count. Explore your God-given talents,make friends with futuristic individuals who will help you grow in all life ramifications. At the end of the day,you'll realize that life is short;and there is every reason you make it count...positively. Till we get to the Promised Land,I will be waiting for when you will pass me a glass of water and thank God for the gift of grace for the race.


  1. Mr. Beck,you're truly a blessing to the writers family. This blog will most certainly thank God for finding you.
    Big ups.

  2. Nice one from the master of words. I see you Beck.


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