10 Songs To Help You Stay Motivated And Focused

10 Songs To Help You Stay Motivated And Focused
Happy Sunday, just thought we’d share our favourite feel good songs with you.
Women Of Faith – There is None Like You
Used to listen to this song all the time growing up, its a song which helps clear one’s mind and to meditate on.

Jazmine Sullivan – Dream Big
“I gotta dream big, cause when it happens, it’s gonna happen real quick” Really inspiring song.
9ice feat. 2face Idibia – Street Credibility
Absolutely love this song. This song is great for motivating you to keep going, in the end we are all incredible in our own way! Love the way 9ice spits the yoruba adages.
Mary Mary – Get Up
Talk about some awesome lyrics. “What are you afraid of? Don’t you know what you’re made of”? Affirming, uplifting song.
 Christina Aguilera – Fighter
“Makes me work a little bit harder…Makes my skin a little bit thicker…thanks for making me a fighter” Such a great vocalist.
Kanye West – Stronger
“Work it, make it, do it, makes us harder, better, faster, stronger”. What is great about this song is that Kanye raps about the power of ‘NOW”. “I know I got to be right now I can’t wait much longer”. That part gets us pumped!
Nina Simone – Aint got no, I got life 
Now, they don’t make em’ like Nina Simone anymore. She’s awesome  This is a firm reminder of what we have in this life. We only live once, so lets live our best life.
Destiny’s Child – Survivor
Never give up is the message of this song. Whether its money, success, whatever your biggest dream is. Surround yourself with positive things, and gain prosperity.
 Jill Scott – Golden
No matter what is going on in life, live it like its GOLDEN. What you focus on becomes larger than life, so focus on good and expect goodness to come back right at you!
 Goapele – Closer
Fantastic motivational song. Encourages you to keep pushing.
 Drake – Over
Sorry for the little bit of ratcheness, but we had to add this one extra song, “Im living life right now, till its over”.
Song collection by Shaddyboi

(Please feel free to join in, what are some of your favourite feel good songs? Please add to the list :) ) 

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