Let us quickly remind you our fellow Anambrains, that what we are about toying with is a whole 8years, yes it is 8years because once we give out this cap to retrieve it will not be easy. Of course it has been so.
Therefore, it will be either 8years of development and joy or 8years of destruction and sorrows.
Remember, Rome can fall in just a day but cannot be built in one day. If only we can understand this right, let us choose now our leader with critical look and without bias not minding whose turn it may be. One’s family background, who you are, name of school where you attended or where he lives. Our people let’s stop being deceived by those with special interest that is not for the good of the citizenry of this great state (Anambra).

Thousands of people benefitted from Capital Oil Direct sale of Kerosene to Consumers

Though. I am not against zoning but I am not interested in it because it doesn’t tickle my fancy, beside it is not the problem of the state. Our interest is the goal, so if 22players from the North can play in the world cup competition and win the cup why not select them after all it is not the north that won the trophy, it is the entire country so those it matter if the players are all from the East or West even if they are from the minority group.
If sickness becomes too hard to cure, anybody can volunteer to issue remedy whether he or she is invited or not.
Therefore, our good and law abiding citizens of Anambra think right and reason well not to choose our coming 8years (of Governance) out of sympathy to avoid HAD WE KNOW.
For these reasons, we need a young vibrant well to do Governor and not a sponsored kill and share governor. One that has the good interest of our state and it’s populace at heart. A reasonable, intelligent, God fearing, above all, one that will listen to the masses and not MR. KNOW ALL yet he knows nothing.

He who thinks of the overwhelming number of the unemployed and also workers welfare. He that knows and feels the pains of the traders and other inhabitants. He that believes in team work. He that values good advice from poor and rich and pays the value in return not minding who is involved. He that hears the cry of high and low and ask questions. He that dine with those living in G.R.A and those in the ghetto as well. Anambarians because of HAD I KNOW at last, I took my time to make a proper research and find out that man.
Who wail and cry day and night for the state of condition of his beloved people.
My people don’t forget that an adage says that cripples are not noticed while in the boat but only when he or she goes down to walk, must we wait until they go down? Again, they say that it is not good enough to give money to a man with licking pocket for safe-keeping; if you do, it is either he uses it to patch his pocket or it falls away and it will be too late to cry when the head is off. For that reason, after my due consultation through one on one discussions with most of the aspirants and also reading their intentions and administrative capability through their manifestos, I discovered that this man DR PARTICK IFEANYI UBA (Ebube Chukwu Uzo) popularly known as “CAPITAL OIL” is favoured by God and man. He is the man who knows where pitches his people and he feels concerned. He is transparent, values life and people also. His intentions are genuine which his manifesto testifies to read some.
Our good people of Anambra state do not sell or toy with your franchise it is your conscience. Moreover, do not allow anybody to use your vote at your absence.
Therefore make sure you register and have your voter’s card well kept. Then let’s pray for success of this God’s gift to our state DR. Patrick Ifeanyi Uba.
                                            EBUBE CHUKWU UZO,
                                             YOU ARE FAVOURED

                                           HON CHIMDI CHIAMA
                                                        (Ndo 1)
                                             National Vice President
                                      Association of Movies Practitioner
                                            Leader L.G Non Indigene

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  1. really! he is the man to wear the cap. nice


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