The Mystery Behind Agagu's Intact Casket, Despite The Plane Crash

Not only was the casket carrying Agagu's corpse intact after the plane crashed on Thursday morning, people who opened the casket shortly after the crash said the cap on his head stayed intact and his body wasn't ruffled. These discoveries have baffled so many, with some insinuating it's juju. more pix after the cut>>>

 But the reason is really simple. The casket was latched to the hooks in the cargo compartment of the plane and was placed in the rear end of the plane. People who sat at the back of the plane survived the crash, so the casket, which was kept at the back also survived the crash. 

Meanwhile during his burial on Friday, his widow Funke Agagu insisted on seeing the body before he is buried. She was photographed praying for the body before he was lowered into his grave.

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