Importance of protein diet for weight loss?

High protein foods help you to remain slim. Those reduce your appetite significantly. It was observed in a study that participants who took high protein diet along with exercises could reduce fat and enhance weight loss and improve blood circulation. Most of the high protein foods have low carbohydrate, which is primarily responsible for increasing weight.
So far researchers are not sure that how proteins work to reduce hunger. The general assumption is it might be protein diet makes the brain receive lesser hunger causing hormones.

More research is needed in this field, which can help the experts prescribe diets to reduce obesity. Now-a-days, obesity is considered as a major health hazard across the world.
Proteins and Carbohydrates-
You need to know that the best protein foods are poor in carbohydrates. In order to be healthy, you need to take a healthy combination of carbohydrates and protein. On the other hand, there are proteins which have a lot of unhealthy fats. Carbohydrates help your body to be protected from diabetics, heart disease, cancer and stroke. Be aware of the negative sides of the proteins in making you obese and diseased.
Proteins make good enzymes. Proteins make good contributions towards making your skin, Cartilage, bones and making and repairing of your tissues and every cell of your body. Your hair, nail and hormones are only proteins.
High protein foods are necessary for muscle building and weight management. By knowing the good proteins you can maintain ideal weight and look good in every aspect.
For healthy weight loss, you need healthy proteins. You need to check all sources for knowing the most suitable proteins for your weight loss. Accordingly you form your diet, keeping tabs on unhealthy proteins. Consult your dietician who can advise you to eat the proper diet with necessary proteins.
Examples of best protein foods for weight management are;
  • Seafood- Lobster and sole fish, found in the sea are high protein with low fat.
  • Poultry- White meat turkey and chicken without skin are low in fat and calories and one of the best protein sources.
  • Dairy- Yogurt, Skim milk and cottage cheese are good protein sources with Calcium. Eggs although high in fat are also a good source of Protein and if taken in less number those can be helpful in making your diet healthy.
  • Beans- Legumes and beans are good sources of vegetable protein and as those are rich in fiber, you can control your hunger for longer time.
  • Nuts- Almonds are good proteins but those have fatty acids. So you can add nuts sparingly to add flavor and protein.
  • Grains- Brown rice and cereals like oatmeal give protein and a good deal of healthy fiber.
  • Meat- Meat is high protein food but red meat is very risky because it increases cancer. You can eat lean meat occasionally and avoid all processed meats.
What studies have so far shown about role of proteins?
  • Participants in a study conducted by prestigious American journals reported less hunger, greater satisfaction and weight loss when they were given a diet that consisted of 20% less calories by reducing fat, 30% more protein foods and 50% Carbohydrates. In total, the participants took 450 less calories per day.
  • In another study, it was found that diets with proper high proteins and moderate carbohydrates and regular exercises can help reduce blood fats and making the tissues lean. In this the dieters don’t feel constant hunger.
The ideal role of protein in your diet-
To get a very good weight loss, you should aim for 120 grams proteins per day. If you want to increase the intake of proteins, you need to do it carefully. In most of the developing nations, quacks sell cheap quality of proteins asking obese people to take those in stead of regular meals. For adults,it is wise to consume 10% to 35% (between 45 grams to 218 grams) of proteins in a meal of 1800 calories

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