Eating raw egg is dangerous –Expert

Commercial poultry, Funtuna Farms, a division of Animal Care Services Konsult Limited, has warned Nigerians to avoid taking raw eggs.
The General Manager of Funtuna Farms, Dr. Kiran Kulkarni, gave the warning during a sensitisation programme at Dansol High School, Ikeja, as part of activities to commemorate the World Egg Day in Nigeria.
Kulkarni explained that the consumption of raw eggs was unsafe, adding that cooked and boiled egg was more nutritious for the body.
He said, “Do not eat raw egg. Raw egg is dangerous because it is difficult to digest.
“Also, if you take raw eggs and they have one or two deficiencies, it goes straight into your body and the danger is high on the immune system. But if you boil or fry it, the danger will be reduced. It is advisable we boil or fry eggs before taking them.”
Also, a veterinary doctor with Funtuna Farms, Dr. Bukola Akintoye, in a presentation, explained that consuming an egg daily was beneficial to the body.
She noted that eggs were excellent and was rich in protein with potential to enhance health.
She said, “We are regularly told how important it is to eat a balanced diet; we need protein and plenty vitamins and nutrients. Fruit, vegetables and meat naturally come to mind, and when combined, these fruits can provide all these. However, one food contains them all – eggs.”

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