CAN THIS BE REAL?? As Girl Orders Boyfriend To Kneel In The Street & Slaps Him For Cheating

Not in this life's time would such a scenario happen any where around the borders of this great country [ Nigeria]. You know if such were to happen here in Nigeria, many would assume that the guy has eaten the "vegetable" - a slang for man that has been hypnotized by his woman.

Come on, which naija guy would stoop so low , to receive such embarrassment all in the name of love!!!

A Chinese woman has been arrested after forcing her boyfriend to kneel in the street and repeatedly slapping him around the face.

The assault happened last Friday in the Kowloon City area of Hong Kong, after Chui, the boyfriend, took a girl to his flat despite the fact he was going out with Cheng, the slapper.

Cheng got to find out and made her boyfriend kneel on the pavement in full view of passers-by.

When he insisted he had not asked the girl to come to his flat, saying: 'Listen to me first before beating me', Cheng started slapping Chui across the face as he screamed, 'You're slandering me!', and urged the other girl to corroborate his story.

A crowd of onlookers gathered and started filming the scene, which has since been posted on YouTube.

As other bystanders started to intervene in the love quarrel, Cheng shouted, 'None of your business!'

Most witnesses took Chui's side, with one woman telling him: 'Stand up, ditch this ugly girl, you deserve better.'
One passer-by called the police, leading to Cheng's arrest.

The 20-year-old woman, named Cheng, was later arrested on suspicion of common assault, while the victim, 23-year-old Chui, was taken to hospital.

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