APC Takes Anambra State; As Dr.Chris Ngige Flags Off Campaign

The flag off of the APC governorship candidate at the centenary stadium, Holy Trinity Cathedral, Onitsha attracted a large number of APC supporters from all the 326 wards in the state, who ceaselessly waved their brooms and danced round the magnificent arena.

Tinubu told the people that APC has brought to Anambra a revolution that is going on in the country, reminding them that the revolution cannot be achieved without their full participation.
According to him, APC treats headache and even rheumatism to get everybody well and on their feet to contribute to the development of the nation, adding that a nation where universities have remained shut for several months was an indication that the government had failed the people and should therefore be changed.
He said that the Anambra election is a test case for Nigerians to begin the expected revolution and urged them to vote for Ngige, who he described as an agent of change.

Governor Oshiomole described Ngige as a good product that does not need to be spent money on to be advertised. He said: “Ngige is a man who is tested and trusted and with the challenges facing Anambra State, there is no need to bring in a trainee to start learning on the job.
“Ngige is trained to save people’s lives and not to make money to line his pockets and that was what he did before and he will do it again.”
Oshiomole recalled how, as president of the Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, he led several protests to Anambra State when PDP was in power in the state because the then governor failed to pay workers, adding that all that changed when Ngige assumed office and paid every worker regularly.

Governor Fayemi said the victory of Ngige is important for APC, adding that all the 11 governors of APC are determined to ensure that Ngige emerge victorious in next month’s election.
In his speech, Governor Okorocha said the main reason they were supporting Ngige is because he fought and ended godfatherism in Anambra State and warned the people not to allow godfathers have their way again.
He also stated that Nigerians were yearning for change from the politics of Baba has said or Abuja has said, adding that Ngige will be a man of his own as his only interest will be to work for the welfare of the people.
Commending the people for turning out in large numbers, Ngige urged them to follow who they know, assuring them that he would reenact the Ngige quality in roads, security and other areas, if they vote for him.

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